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Picking the right paint colors for your home

Picking the right paint colors for your home can be a tough decision.  As homeowners, you’re representing a part of yourself through your home, and paint colors really do set the tone for the rooms.  The ability to make a room look fashionable comes with experience and creativity.  At ottawa commercial painters, we know that the kinds of paint colors your choose should reflect the mood and mix well with the furniture in the room.

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Is composite decking really eco-friendly?

I just recently came across an interesting blog post of a neutral party that explains the evidence against most composite companies’ self-marketing declared tactic tagging themselves as “Eco-friendly”.  The most important advice when it comes to new products breaking into old markets is to refuse to take things at face value.  If you’re thinking of spending $10K+ on your new deck- don’t you think you should be sure of the product’s claims?  Many alternative decking products are made of PVC,…

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Deck staining 101

I decided to make a quick but informal post about home owners staining their wood decks.  There’s been a lot of fuss over composite decking lately because of the claim that they’re “maintenance-free”, although see my article on composite decking for more info.  I briefly walked over when you should stain your deck or fence in an article so I thought I’d cover the process of staining here.

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