Is composite decking really eco-friendly?

I just recently came across an interesting blog post of a neutral party that explains the evidence against most composite companies’ self-marketing declared tactic tagging themselves as “Eco-friendly”.  The most important advice when it comes to new products breaking into old markets is to refuse to take things at face value.  If you’re thinking of spending $10K+ on your new deck- don’t you think you should be sure of the product’s claims?  Many alternative decking products are made of PVC,…

“PVC was labeled a contaminant in 1998 and efforts to recycle it were declared a failure by the Association of Post Consumer Plastics Recyclers.”

Ipe deck material


With comparable costs to composite decking, Ipe and other brazilian hardwoods have been shown to last 40+ years! (Seen here)  Although, the trend continues to go with alternative decking and it’s not easy to swim against the current. 

*Learn more about these decking alternatives in my article

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