A five-year workmanship warranty on decks and fences guarantees that for a period of five years following the completion of your deck or fence project, we will be responsible for correcting any issues or deficiencies related to our workmanship.

This may include aspects such as structural integrity, durability or stability.

Please note that this warranty only covers problems caused by poor workmanship and not external factors like weather, effects of natural drying process of pressure treated wood(cracking, warping and splitting), insects, normal wear and tear, improper use or any modifications you may have made to the structure. It also does not cover any issues resulting from a lack of maintenance.

Manufacturers' warranty

Enjoy a 20 year warranty from the most popular ornamental fence manufacturer in North America.  See more

buff tech

Enjoy a limited lifetime warranty from the most popular vinyl fence manufacturer in North America.  See more

timber tech

Enjoy up to a 50 year fade and stain warranty. See more

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