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Deck Designs:

Let us work with your vision, needs, and budget to design the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family.  After meeting on site (or via email) and take measurements, we can provide a design that maximizes spans and minimizes material waste to give you an exact 3D design image of what the finished product will be.

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Windsor Deck Builders & Contractors

Our Decks are built to meet or exceed the Ontario building Code.  You can pick from the various styles of materials such as Pressure Treated, Composite, and PVC decking such as TimberTech and Azek.  You also have the option of picking a style of baluster such as Wood, Aluminum Balusters or Composite Railings.

Deck Material Comparison Chart:

Sienna Pressure Treated
Capped Composite (CompositeCore)
PVC (No wood pulp)
sienna cedar-decking timbertechcappedcomposite pvc azek
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 Desc.  Pressure treated wood is madefrom Southern Yellow Pine treated with MicronizedCopper Azole to resemble Cedar and to prevent fungal decay and termite attack.  Cedar is a well known soft wood that emits a great smell, has an unparalleled natural look, and is fairly easy to work with.  Cedar requires as much maintenance as pressure treated. Recycled wood pulp and sawdust mixed composite with a proprietary thick  PVC cap   to protect the composite core from weather elements With no organic matter, full PVC boardsoffer the elimination of the cheaper composite core and eliminates the risk of the exposure of organic materials
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