Picking the right paint colors for your home

Picking the right paint colors for your home can be a tough decision.  As homeowners, you’re representing a part of yourself through your home, and paint colors really do set the tone for the rooms.  The ability to make a room look fashionable comes with experience and creativity.  At ottawa commercial painters, we know that the kinds of paint colors your choose should reflect the mood and mix well with the furniture in the room.

Some things to ask yourself are:

What purpose does this room serve?

What emotions/feelings do I want to provoke when entering the room?

How is the lighting? Natural?

It may not always been the paint on the walls that catches the person’s attention, maybe a painted peice of furniture would serve a purpose.  The best way to pick a great paint color is to bring a small sample of the paint home, and paint a patch of the wall to see how it will look when combined with your lighting and furniture in the room

About the author:  Ryan is a writer for Commercial Painting and Renovations Inc., specializing in commercial painting located in Ottawa, Orleans and Kanata.