Add a Pergola to your Backyard

Pergolas, often also called lattice covers, have been popular additions to backyards for many years, appreciated both for their decorative aspect and for the way they can expand living space into the outdoors. They started as humble garden structures, but today, they not only provide an inviting place to relax and enjoy garden views, they serve as outdoor rooms, complete with options to add modern amenities, from outdoor couches and beds to televisions and high-speed Internet access.

Covers can provide a more attractive setting for a hot tub than a typical installation, not only providing shade for a hot summer soak, but by transforming the hot tub into an ornamental centerpiece for your yard. A pergola with a hot tub that includes amenities like a wet bar and soft lighting can create an outdoor space for year-round rest and relaxation.

Pergolas and vinyl fences are available in a variety of materials, including cedar, pine and redwood, as well as metal, stone and vinyl, but whatever material you use to create your structure, you can still customize the shape and color to make your covering work with your landscape and existing décor. If you have a rambling garden, consider a circular shape with soft, curved edges to have the same whimsical feel as your garden. If you have a meticulously manicured lawn, consider a square shape with clean, straight edges to keep the manicured look that you like.

Many people are expanding their living space by adding an outdoor room and they need a durable structure than can incorporate features like electricity for lighting and electronics, gas lines for outdoor barbeques or plumbing for wet bars.  Professional installation is generally the best choice for homeowners. A contractor can ensure that your pergola is installed quickly, safely, and professionally. With all the options available when it comes to adding one to your deck or patio, you’ll be sure to find a perfect fit to enhance your backyard landscape.

Written by Adam Coholan, an active blogger who writes about exterior design and landscaping based on his experience working with luxury New York real estate and houses on Fire Island.  You can follow him on Twitter @Coho22.