How To Add Space To Your Home With A Garden Building

 The majority of professional interior designers and home based amateurs alike think only of the inside of your home, when you try to find ways to manage extra space from the confines of your current household. You can move some walls internally to help you find a space and you can move up into the loft and down into a basement if your budget and skills allow it. However, many people forget their where you have suitable garden space you can always add a garden building to add more overall space to your home. Once you have done everything you can with the inside of your property, the only space left will be in your garden. Rather than finding this as an unfortunate situation, there are a marvellous range of log cabins and summerhouses that can bring your garden to life, and at the same time provide you with all the space that you need for a home office, a home gym, a craft area or just somewhere to get away from a noisy and busy household when you want to read your daily newspaper, put your feet up and drink your favourite coffee in peace and quiet.


Garden buildings can change your outlook

A new summerhouse or a log cabin can add an extremely new feel to your home, and not only in the way that it functions, but by the way it looks in your garden. There are many different sized garden buildings that you can purchase, after just a few clicks across the Internet and to suit a range of all budgets. Each one will provide a dramatic increase in your liveable space at home. A summerhouse in your garden doesn’t need to be attached to your current property as it may benefit from sitting halfway or right down the other end of your garden. The purchase of a log cabin can provide you with exceptionally private spaces which don’t need to disturb or be disturbed by your family and your main home’s activities. If you intend to use your garden building overnight or during the colder winter months, you will need to consider how you are going to light the property and perhaps provide some warmth. You can run electricity from your main home all the way to your log cabin, but you might choose to use the opportunity to think green and consider the environment as well as your bank balance, by purchasing suitably sized solar panels that can provide just enough electricity to light and heat your garden building.

A good place for your children

Apart from helping your children access to regular fresh air, you can turn the summerhouse or log cabin into a play area of your children. This provides you with a great opportunity to keep a number of their toys together and not scattered all over your house which means they are all available when your children want to play in the garden building. Your children will love the opportunity to play in their secret location without understanding that their parents or guardians might be sat just a few yards away, observing their every movement. Without wishing to dampen your enthusiasm to place a garden building to add extra space on your land, you should check with the local authorities to see what rules and regulations they have in place which restrict the size of building log cabins and summerhouses. You will find that a good deal of additional space can be added to your property without applying for planning permission.


This post was written by Curtis Worthington who is currently working for who is one of the largest suppliers of garden fencing in the UK. You can follow him on @CurtUK for more information.