Fence building Process

The building process for a fence usually starts with us arranging to have the ground marked and flagged for any important lines (such as gas, hydro, bell etc). Once the area is confirmed clear of any lines and we are sure of the property line (site plan provided by home owner), we send the plans in for approval by the municipality if a permit is needed.

We then contract our professional auger service to come in and dig 3 feet deep and the proper diameter depending on post size. After the posts are set in with around 90-110 lbs of concrete holding them down, we begin to frame the fence. After framing is complete, we nail the fence boards with thickcoat galvanized nails that will never rust or deteriorate. The gate is then framed and built while the posts are being cut to size and the custom post caps are being made. After all is complete, we would be happy to answer any questions the customer may have about maintaining/improving the look of your new fence.