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How do you know where the fence goes?

Fences are meant to separate yards for many reasons.  The traditional way to go about erecting a fence is to place it along the property line of the neighbouring yards.  If you decide to pay for your fence independently, you should made sure the fence is on your property.  If your fence inches on your neighbour’s property, they have the legal right to tear it down.  The Homeowner should always have their property site plan or have located their property bars at all four corners of their property. 

Is Pressure Treated wood safe?

As of January 1, 2004, wood treated with CCA (chromated copper arsenate), has been phased out for consumer use. ACQ (alkaline copper quat) and CA (copper azole) are the new formulations used for treating wood against termite damage and rot. The EPA has approved all treatment methods for safe usage in residential applications. Other popular pressure-treated wood alternatives include cedar and tropical hardwoods.

Is a deck a sound investment?

Aside from the enjoyment you’ll receive from your new backyard living area, and the new entertainment possibilities, you’ll add curb appeal and marketability to any future sale of your property. On average, you’ll get back 80% to 125% of the money you spend on the initial project.  In terms of ROI, a deck is one of the most beneficial home improvement projects.

Does my neighboor split the cost of a fence?

If you would like for you neighbor to share the expense, you will need to notify them with a certified letter and wait for a response. We will be more than happy to give you two separate quotes once you have reached an agreement with your neighbor.  The best time to do this is RIGHT AWAY.- I’ve seen good neighboors turn into bad neighboors over disputes over splitting the cost of a fence.

Do you charge for estimates?

We do not charge for an estimate, please contact us. In many situations if the customer can give us measurements over the phone we can do preliminary estimates by phone which can expedite the process. Later, to proceed with the project, we can come out and confirm the measurements and make any changes needed.  Call 519-946-3042

Shoud I get a permit for my deck?

Most municipalities require one. 

With a permit, the municipality will inspect the deck for compliance with the Ontario Building Code (OBC). This ensures a sound, safe structure which should last for decades. Our decks are built to meet or exceed the OBC- great workmanship and sound structures keep our customers extremely satisfied.